Chapter 16 - Meet my family?

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Jag blev överlycklig av det han sa. Han gillade mig. Harry gillade mig. "Harry, du behöver inte vara orolig, jag har fallit för dig också, jag blir aldrig kär, men du är något speciellt undantag" Sa jag och hans leende blev väldigt stort.

This isn’t my first fanfic but the first one I’ve ever published on tumblr. let me know what you all think. Thank you xHarry Styles is to go on his World Tour with his band but hates leaving you, his girlfriend, of 9 months alone, with all that’s happened to you already. Your ex-boyfriend is a criminal and will do anything to get you back, your mother abandoned you & your father and wants all your money, and your best friend made up lies about you in school. He is the only thing you have aside from your dad. Their passionate sex life and sassy insults make this a must read fanfic! Sexual content in every part! Enjoy, babes!~*~“Hazza?” “Darling?” You smile into his shoulder. Oh, how you loved those endearments. He would never know how greatly you appreciated how respected and cared for you were. Your heart swelled at his touch. His smile bringing you to pieces from how absolutely overwhelming it was. His green orbs piercing your soul everytime he looked in your eyes. You and Harry met at an enchanting and unforgettable night at one of his concerts in New York, two months after your eighteenth birthday. You had heard of One Direction and listened to some of their songs but didn’t know them very well, except that they were incredibly breathtaking. Your father worked for Sony Music industry. It was the summer of 2013 and you had to tag along with him to work after your mother left you and your dad to themselves. She was selfish, and you swore you’d never cry for her again. *flashback to summer of 2013*You sat with one leg under the other one on the comfortable plush green sofa in the lunch lounge. Your headphones were in, while Coldplay blasted on your phone.Under the music, you heard a faint “Excuse me” You looked up at the voice and was blown away at the man who was speaking. He had olive skin, black slicked hair, and a red varsity jacket. He flashed you his pearly white teeth and gleamed down at you. “I’m Zayn.” Why was this gorgeous man speaking to you? You thought.“I’m Y/N.” You yanked your headphones out of your ears and threw your iPhone on the couch and quickly stood up. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand, his brown orbs never leaving yours. You couldn’t stop the smile that slid onto your face. Smooth, you thought. “Is there anything I can get you, Zayn?” You asked politely, trying to contain your anxiety. “Nothing at all, love. I was just introducing myself. Such a beautiful gal like yourself shouldn’t be sitting all by herself. I thought I’d-” He was cutt off when a blonde haired being shoved him out of the way and replaced Zayn’s hand that was holding yours, with his. “I’m Niall.” You bit your lip and hid a smile. He too was gorgeous. Those mesmerizing blue eyes felt like they were boring into your head. “I’m Y/N.” You flashed him your best smile. All the while, Zayn groaned on the floor, after his shove. “Babe!” You heard a deep male voice yell from the other side of the room. You whipped your head to the door and was taken aback from the male’s appearance. God, what have I done? You pleaded inwardly. Was God punishing you by introducing you to the most beautiful human beings he could find?“I’m Louis! Your name, babe?” His smirk knocked you off your feet as he brought you in for a hug. His muscular chest warming you from the inside out. For the third time, you said your name, and Louis smiled. “I’m sorry if any of these idiots have bothered you.” Louis’s thick accent made your knees wobble. Zayn took your waist and sat you down next to him. His head almost three inches from yours. You could smell his manly cologne and secretly inhaled deeply. He smelled amazing.“Are you guys annoying her?” Another British accent came from the door, this time, when you looked, there was shaggy haired beauty leaning against the wall. He smiled and walked forward. Unlike the others, he smiled sweetly and said, “I’m Payne. Liam. Payne. Liam Payne.” Niall, the blonde one, scoffed from the other side of the couch, “Nice, James Bond. Real nice.” He rolled his blue eyes and laughed annoyedly. “I wasn’t annoying her, Zayn and Niall were the ones that attacked each other for her. Immature enough?” Louis walked over and flicked Zayn in the ear, which started a flicking war between the two. You laughed at how ironic the situation was. They acted like children fighting for a toy, yet they looked so mature and manly.“If it isn’t little Harold? Here to take her from us, now aren’t you?” Zayn asked the male standing outside of the door. Zayn was in the way so you couldn’t tell who it was. You turned around to answer Niall who asked where you were from.“Y/nationality.” you said, but Niall’s eyes weren’t on you but on a figure to the right of your head. His annoyed expression made you curious so you turned.When his eyes met yours, his cheshire smile fell, and he squinted ever so slightly. His full pink lips parted and you heard him suck in his breath. The room fell silent. His curls matted to his forehead from the little perspiration. He stopped in his tracks and looked at you up and down, from where you were sitting next to Zayn.Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam all groaned loudly, ruining the moment. You snapped from staring into his mysterious green eyes and looked around at their pissed off faces. They all sighed and left the room, patting the unknown male on the back as they exited the mint green colored lounge. He was beautiful. You thought you had just about seen everything after seeing the four other boys. This man was beyond anything you’d seen. Tall and muscular, he stood about three feet from you, staring at you, not uttering a word from his god made lips. You grew the necessary balls and stood up, swallowing your pride. “Hello.” You whispered, taking a small step towards him. He stayed frozen. His green orbs now taking you in completely from the tip of your head to the tip of your flats. “I’m… I’m Y/N.” Nothing. You took another step forward, but stopped once he let out a deep breath. His large hands came up to his head as he shook his curls in a nature you’d never seen before. He looked back up at you after he finished adjusting his hair. You giggled at how cute he looked as he did. The first time you ever saw him smile, your stomach felt like it did somersaults and flips. Your toes curled from the feeling he gave you. His eyes lit up as you smiled back.*back to present*“I don’t want you to go.” You mumbled into his neck, inhaling the scent that made Harry, Harry. His arm came around you and he began to brush his fingertips lightly over your bare back.“I don’t want to go, baby.” He sighed, closing his eyes.“But you have to.” Your face lifted from the crook of his neck, which smelled oh so heavenly, and looked at his face, scanning for any sign of discomfort. You didn’t want him leaving you like this. Not like before. Not while you cried your eyes out on his shirt. Not this time. This time, you’d wait until he at least closed the door.“I miss you already.” He flashed his green eyes at you. His eyes made their way down to your lips, and there he stared for a while until you grabbed his curls in your hands and gently pushed his face to yours. The kiss tore your heart. This kiss had a different edge to it. It wasn’t like the others you two had shared before. He was cautious. You groaned into his mouth. “Harry, stop holding back.” You said once he pulled away. Your brow furrowed in despair. He shook his head, closed his eyes, and turned facing the other way. Your hands stayed on his chest, half your leg wrapped around his bare legs. You took this position to your advantage and swung both naked legs over his waist. You tried to ignore his thick length on your thigh for a moment, because you really needed him to hear this.You took Harry’s perfection of a face in your hands and made him open his eyes, when he did, you spoke with such passion and intensity, that your voice cracked at times, “Harry. Of course I’ll miss you. And I know you’re going to miss me. We knew this would come. We knew this would be difficult. There would be tears, you said when you asked me out. There will be love and passion, you said as well. Harry, I want you to remember that this is hard for me too. I don’t want to Skype with you. I don’t want you to have to check in every time you leave a new city, I want you to be here, next to me, like you are now, where I can lay with you until the sun sets high in the sky in the morning the next day.” You pecked his lips lightly, waiting for his response. When none came, you parted and looked at his face. His face was unreadable. It was a mixture of lust, sadness, love, and something else. “Say something!” You demanded.“Babe, it’s hard for me to think properly when your naked frame is straddling my body like this.” That cheeky smirk you adored made its appearance on his beautiful face. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” You laughed and rested your head back down on his chest, your body not moving from atop him. “But you love this idiot, don’t you?” The smile in his voice was evident. Smug bastard, you thought, and smiled slightly. The vibrations from his voice were carried throughout your body, until they reached your groin area. The moan that escaped your lips was involuntary, so when you heard Harry chuckle, your face beamed from embarrassment. Fuck. You wanted him again after just fucking him. The things this man did to you would remain clueless to you. “Already, Y/N?” Harry chuckled again, this time louder, and much cockier. You lifted your head, your brow furrowed, and your bottom lip sticking out a little from your frustration. “I don’t find it any funny.” Harry winked and brought your mouth back down to his in another passionate kiss, this time, he wasn’t holding back. His tongue licked your bottom lip for access into your mouth and you gladly accepted. You loved the feel of his soft tongue, and not just in your mouth. Your face grew hot from this thought and somehow Harry felt the embarrassment on your face and pulled away. “Something the matter?” He smirked.“Don’t stop.” You whispered, knowing that was the only way of getting out of the question. He quickly continued his actions with his mouth, as your tongues battled for dominance. A few moans filled the room after a few minutes of kissing. Harry apparently wanted more but was not pushing for it. His erection had been resting on your thigh for the past three minutes but he did nothing about it.“Babe,” you moaned as he flipped you over, “Touch me.” The plea was just enough for him to be motivated into taking it further. His large, soft hands reached in between your legs and caressed your dripping clit with his finger. You moaned louder into his mouth. He continued to rub you for another few minutes. “You’re taking too long, hun.” You flipped Harry so you were straddling him again and began to kiss his perfectly shaped jaw line. You licked from his jaw to the crook of his neck, where your head lay a few minutes ago. Beneath you, his dick twitched at your thigh and you couldn’t help but giggle.“Already, Harry?” You mimicked him, as he said earlier to you. Harry growled at you and sighed loudly. “Get off.” he said.You retracted from his neck where you were leaving love bites. “What? Why-” Before you could finish, Harry flipped you over onto your back and began to caress your bum softly, lightly smacking it here and then. “Oh god. Yes, Harry.” Your moans were muffled from the pillow under you, but you were sure he could hear how wonderful you felt when he pleasured you this way. He said nothing while he plunged his wet cock into your ass. “You’re. So. Tight.” He said with every thrust. “Keep going. Harry. Oh my god. Yes.” You moaned in complete bliss. Your eyelids shut closed as you felt your stomach knot from the intensity of his body. You took your hand from underneath you and placed it in between your folds, playing with your folds as Harry shoved his cock in you a few more times.“Harry!” You screamed in pleasure. The feeling of his big cock inside of you, while you played with yourself sped your breathing rapidly. He moaned from in back of you, and his moans mixed with yours made the moment even hotter.“Babe. I’m gonna…” Harry groaned. You nodded your head into the pillow, signaling you too were on the verge of cumming. “Hold it.” He pleaded, and this time thrust into you with much more force.With every thrust, your pussy became wetter, the feeling in your stomach growing, and your moans increasing in sound. You loved the way his pleasurable groans and your soft moans were almost in sync every time you made love. That was just another example of how perfect you two were.“I’m cuming, Y/N.” You felt Harry’s breath on your back as he sped his rhythm. His breath tickling you and increasing the wetness between your folds. “Oh my god. Yes, Harry. Baby, cum inside me. Please.” You reached your climax at the same time as he thrust one last hard time. When you both orgasmed, both screaming each other’s name into the large room, the screams of pleasure bounced off the walls and felt as if they surrounded you both. Harry didn’t stop rocking his body onto yours, he just slowed down to where he didn’t have to be on his knees and just layed on you, moving his pelvis up and down. When he finally pulled away, you turned to face him and kneeled at his groin. You licked your lips, taking in his large cock. The look of his cock after fucking you was probably the most beautiful thing ever. This eighteen year old would be the death of you. It was tinted red, and his veins were popping out from either side. With one last lick of your lips, you brought his length into your mouth, taking his dick in your mouth and swallowing the remains of the cum that didn’t go inside you. The thought of a piece of Harry inside of you made you smile, and he looked down at you, with a mixture of lust and confusion. Once you were done, you fell back onto the pillows, Harry after you; both exhausted from your past actions. “Go to sleep, princess.” He kissed your forehead. Harry’s lips were unusually cold, given that you two were just in a heated moment. But you loved how everything about him was odd yet so perfect. Between the sheets, he placed one hand over your stomach, and the other underneath your head. Your head found its acclaimed place in the crook of his neck and you began to doze off into a peaceful sleep, where no tours existed, no hate, no pain; just Harry and you. ~*~Feedback is encouraged! Thank you for reading, my pretties! I hope you enjoyed. Part 2 will be posted if I get enough notes ((: xx-N hazzasoneandonlymofo

"Nu tänker jag kyssa dig" Sa han. "Gör det" Sa jag och han kysste mig och en sådan passionerad kyss har jag aldrig varit med om. Medans vi fortfarande kysstes bärde han upp mig och gick med mig till sängen. Han la sig över mig och kysste mig länge. Han började fippla med min tröja. Han drog den över huvudet så jag låg i bh under honom. "Vet du hur vacker du är?" Frågade han. Jag skakade på huvudet. "Det vackraste jag sett" Sa han och jag satte för mina händer för ansiktet för jag började rodna. Han tog bort mina händer. "sluta du är söt när du rodnar" Flinade han och jag skakade på huvudet. "tro mig" Sa han och böjde sig återigen och kysste mig. Han la sig över mig men inte med hela hans tyngd.

Han började knäppa upp min knapp på mina byxor medans han kysste mig. Kyssen började snart bli till hångel men vi avbröt snabbt när vi hörde dörren öppnas. "Shit" Mumlade jag och drog på mig tröjan. Harry ställde sig också upp och vi gick ut ur hans rum. Där stog Liam, Louis och Niall. "Så vad har ni gjort då?" Frågade Niall. "Inte mycket" Sa jag och kliade mig i nacken. "Ser det" Sa liam och pekade mot mina byxor. Jag böjde mig ner och fick se att jag inte knäppt mina byxor. Fuck. Helvete. Jag skämdes så himla mycket så jag vände mig om och knäppte de och gick sedan in på toaletten.

Jag vågade inte gå ut. Jag skämdes något fruktansvärt. "Babe kom ut" Harry knackade på dörren. Jag öppnade dörren åt honom så han kunde få komma in. "Varför gick du in här?" Frågade han. "Förstår du hur pinsamt det där var?" Frågade jag. "Äsch, kom igen babe de skämtar bara de kommer inte säga något, snälla kom ut?" frågade han och strök bort en hårslinga som täckte mitt ena öga. Han kysste mig mjukt. "Okej" suckade jag och gick ut. De satt i vardagsrummet och vi gick dit. Harry satte sig i fotöljen och jag var på väg mot soffan men Harry drog snabbt ner mig i hans knä.

"Så gulligt par ni är då" Sa Louis och låtsades torka en tår. "Hon gör oss gulliga" Sa Harry och jag rodnade återigen. Jag borrade ner mitt ansikte i Harrys bröst och de andra skrattade åt mig. "Du vet, du har verkligen förändrat Harry Sara, du borde vara stolt" Sa Liam. "Jasså?" Frågade jag och kollade mot Harry. Han ryckte på axlarna. Jag kollade finurligt på honom för att få reda på vad Liam menade, men det skulle jag nog ändå få reda på. "Nae, ska vi låta turdruvorna vara, som vi gjorde med de andra?" Frågade Niall. "Var ni hos oss+" frågade jag. "Japp, men Zayn och Josse höll bara på med varandra så vi stack" Sa niall och skratta. "Vi drar över till våran lägenhet då?" Frågade Louis. "Japp" Sa både Niall och Liam.

"Ni kan ju fortsätta vad ni ju nu höll på med" Sa Niall och blinkade med ögat innan han gick ut ur vardagsrummet. "Hejdå" Sa de. "Hej då" Svarade vi. "Föresten jag vill fråga dig en sak" Sa han. "jasså vad är det då" Sa jag och kollade på honom. "Jag ska till min familj imorgon, har inte sätt de på länge och undrar om du vill följa med, vi stannar bara en natt?" Frågade han.

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